Internet Business Counsel Since 1999

About Us

Internet Lawyers & Litigators: InternetLitigators is a leading Internet and technology business law firm with two offices in California. Primarially devoted to the practice of Internet Law since 1999, our Internet Lawyer founders established Internet Law as a practice area, were among the first Internet Attorneys in the United States and are pioneers in the area of Internet Law, Internet Business Law and Internet Litigation. There is no law firm or Internet attorney with more experience in the area of Internet Law. 

We typically work as "outside, in-house counsel" and remain available for assignments as needed via email, skype, instant message and almost any other available technology. We offer fair and creative billing options attractive to larger companies and have other plans avalable for smaller and start-up entities.

We often form partnerships... but the most important among them are those we form with our clients.


Business Formation

InternetLitigators has over two decades of experience forming entities and assisting business owners in the operation of successful business ventures throughout the U.S. and abroad. While we work with companies in many industries, our specific experience with Internet startup companies uniquely qualifies us to assist the founding team as much or as little as they require as they navigate the highly personalized nature of establishing a new venture.