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We regularly represent clients in all types of alternative dispute resolution matters. We have an excellent success rate and we have extensive relatsionships with many of the top mediators and arbitrators throughout California We are well known by all of the top arbitration tribunals such as AAA, JAMS, ADR, JUDICATE WEST and many others. If you are going to mediate or arbitrate an Internet business issue before any of these tribunals or before any other mediator or arbitrator there is no firm better qualified than InternetLitigators to handle your case. Call us today for a free consultation about your case.


Mediation is a formalized negotiation process, typically utilizing a neutral professional mediator to facilitate discussions between parties with the objective being a settlement between the parties.


Arbitration is a formal dispute resolution process heard before a private neutral, often a retired judge or a lawyer wherein evidence is formally presented, arguments are made and a final, often binding, decision is rendered.

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