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Form an LLC
Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most flexible business formations that exists. Each business and each management team is different. Your needs depend upon your team, your particular situation, your business plan and your short and long term goals. 

With InternetLitigators, our experienced business attorneys consult with you to determine your exact need and then, unlike any "document preparation service", we prepare and file the documents that you need, customized for your team and for your company. 

We have been forming companies since 1999. You can trust us to help you get it right the first time.  We often form partnerships (and LLCs)... but the most important among them are those we form with our clients.  

You are already on your way. These are the steps remaining...

Choose an LLC Name (Included)
We work with you to clear a name that is not only available, but meets all of the requirements of your State. We will also assist you to evaluate your need for and the value of a trademark registration.
Choose an Agent for Service of Process (Included)
We will explain the considerations involved in this choise and, if you like, serve as your California agent for service of process.
Choose the Best Address to Begin Your Business (Included)
What kind of address can you use and what address should you use? We will walk you through the choice to get it right the first time.
Prepare Your Bylaws (Optional Extra) 
Every LLC should consider the issues relevant to the operation of the company. Bylaws are not required for an LLC, however, bylaws can help you set forth those rules. We will prepare your initial bylaws and be there going forward to assist you with any interpretation issues that come up and to amend them for you in the future if that may become necessary.
Prepare Your Member Agreement (Optional Extra) 
Considering and setting out the perameters of the relationship between initial and future members can be one of the most important considerations for any company and one of most crucial to get right the first time.
Obtain Your IRS Tax ID (Optional Extra) 
Simple task for us, inconvenient for you. If you prefer, we can handle the entire process and obtain your Federal EIN for you as part of our Corporate formation work. 
Register Your Member Interest Issuance (Optional Extra) 
Issuance of securities in California requires registration with teh State of California. As an optional extra, as part of your initial stock issuance we can correctly and completely handle your corporate registration. 
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