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About Us

Internet Lawyers & Litigators: InternetLitigators is a leading Internet and technology business law firm with two offices in California. Since 1999 we have been devoted representing businesses in all stages of growth with Internet Law issues. Our founders are technology oriented lawyers and established Internet Law as a practice area. We have paracticed in all aspects of Internet Law and Litigation since that time. There is no law firm or Internet attorney with more experience in Internet Law or Internet Litigation than InternetLitigators.

Internet Business Attorneys: Many of our attorneys have both legal and business degrees and have put their education and experience in multidiciplinary fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, advertising to enhance communications and problem solving as part of out client's team. We work hard to remain up to date on key business trends. Our managing partner lectures regularly on busienss law issues at world class business schools including . Our clients are businesses with internet business issues seeking a pre-existing in-depth understdanting of internet business.

We often work as "outside, in-house counsel" getting to know our clients and their executives and board members closely so that we can not only react to legal issues as they are presented but actually anticipate them before they arise. Our attorneys have real world business experience and we often assist our cleints in all aspects of management decision making in areas including business formation, finance, operations, growth and exit.

We have particularly extensive experience in on-line advertising, marketing, influencing, social media, consumer privacy (i.e. GDPR and CCPA) and product review and recommendation. We are often sought out as local counsel or specialty counsel to assist other firms on litigation and transactional assignments. We work efficiently and offer fair and creative billing options appropriate to the size and growth stage of our clients. 

Internet Brand and Intellectual Property Attorneys: The Internet has vastly changed the importance of branding, trademark registration and trademark enforcement. We focus specifically upon assisting businesses establish and protect their brands on the Internet. We have the knowledge, tools and creative tenacity necessary to track town and take down the most stubborn counterfeiters, infringers and unfair competitors.  

"We often form partnerships... but the most important among them are those we form with our clients."  ~ InternetLitigators

Our Clients

    Financial Sector

  • Banks, Credit Unions and Savings & Loans
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Insurance Carriers
    • Commercial Lines
    • Specialty Claims
  • Venture Funds
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators

    Real Estate Sector

  • Construction Trade Professionals
  • Landlords / Owners
  • Commecial Property Developers
  • Property Management Companies
  • Property Investment Funds

    Commercial Sector

  • VOIP Telephone Companies
  • Social Media Companies
  • Retail Product Manufacturers
  • Restaurant Chains
  • 3D Printing Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Health Care Providers
  • National Retailers
  • Photographers
  • National Brands
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Music Producers
  • Film / Television Producers
  • Music Producers
  • Production Studios
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Importers / Exporters

    Internet Sector

  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Saas Providers
  • Internet Content Publishers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • New Media Talent
  • Ecommerce Companies
  • Web Developers
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Retail Service Providers
  • Data Centers
  • Retail Service Providers
  • Domain Name Owners
  • Trademark Owners
  • Copyright Owners
  • New Gtld Registrants And Registries
  • Web Advertising And Marketing