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Intellectual Property Protection and Licensing 

Worldwide Trademark Registration, Brand Protection and Enforcement

Intellectual Property Lawyers & Litigators

InternetLitigators has represented National and International brands on the Internet for nearly three decades. We handle all aspects of registration, licensing, transfer and protection. 

Trademark Registration

We are hightly qualified trademark and copyright lawyers with backgrounds and training in advertising, marketing and public relations. We have registered hundreds of trademarks in countries all over the world and presently maintain a vast trademark management portfolio over which we handle all aspects of international and domestic registration and renewal. We respond to office actions issued by the USPTO with creative, understanding and meaningful analysis. We know what it takes to build and protect a valuable brand portfolio and understand the dynamics involved in properly allocating scarce resources to achieve the greatest possible protection without burdining operations. We consider ourselves to be the partners of our cleints focused intently on building value for our clients by properly documenting, creating and recording brands as assets of the company which translate directly to value at exit.

Trademark Enforcement

We are a team of uniquely qualified attorneys that understand the needs of national brand owners because our background is in marketing, advertising and public relations. We understand the importance and value of branding and maintaining your brands on and off-line. Your trademark identifies your company as the source of your goods or services. Only through vigilent monitoring and protection can you ensure the legitimacy, quality and safety of your products adn services. With a comprehensive plan and a pro-active strategy, in place both risk and cost are substntially lowered. We can help you enforce your properties by providing regular comprehensive search services and can handle any potential infringement with appropriately tailored communications, removal demands, alternative dispute resulution or litigation. We offer flat fee arrangements in some circumstances for these services.

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

Similar to trademark registration, copyright registration identified to the world that you have created and published a work so that if the work appears or is performed in public thereafter, you have proof that you created it first. Registration also entitles you to access to the Federal courts and in some cases statutory damages for any violation. Registration is a fairly inexpensive and straghtforward process which we can handle for you at minimal expense. Once registered, we can assist you in requiring the removal of your content from other websites, demanding the cessation of the use of your content or asserting a claim for damages. We offer DMCA registration, re-registration and DMCA Agent services at a low flat monthly rate. We offer flat fee arrangements in some circumstances for these services.

Trademark Clearinghouse Registration

InternetLitigators is a world recognized and certified Trademark Clearinghouse Agent. It is no longer sufficient to rely upon your Federal trademark registration if you wish to protect your brand across the hundreds of new domain name extentions such as .shop .music or .bank. Registration with the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse provides additional notice and protection of yoru brand throughtout launch of nearly 2000 net domain extentions. Ask us how we can help you protect Yourbrand.app and hundreds of other domains from falling into the hands of others.

We often form partnerships... but the most important among them are those we form with our clients.