Business Transactions for Internet Businesses

We have the experience to guide you.

We have handled complex commercial transactions for internet and technology companies for over three decades. We follow the latest transaction trends and recommend strategies and solutions to increase your success in each transaction.

We regularly handle and have successfully completed numerous commercial, real estate, technology, and intellectual property transactions of all sizes, utilizing our experience for the benefit of our clients.

We also regularly work with clients in the formation and finance of new and existing companies. Whatever the transaction, you can count on InternetLitigators to bring internet and technology experience and knowledge to the deal for your benefit and success.

We have over 30 years of litigation, arbitration and mediation experience in both State and Federal courts. There is no firm more qualified to handle Internet Litigation matters than the original Internet Attorneys:  InternetLitigators® - The Internet Attorneys.
InternetLItigators® has extensive experience handling all types of business transactions including business formation, finance, operations, management and compensation transactions. This includes mergers & acquisitions, buy/sell transactions, vendor, supplier and customer transactions, MSA, SLA and RFP based transactions and agreements among others.
InternetLitigators® regularly counsels clients on internet and other legal compliance issues including privacy, intellectual property, risk management business licensing and operations as well as product labeling, and web compliance issues.  This includes drafting custom privacy policies compliant with the latest privacy regulations (CCPA, CCPR) , Terms of Service and other web policy documents.
We handle Internet based trademark and copyright registration and enforcement. With over three decades of handling Internet IP disputes, we are adept, efficient and effective at handling all aspects of conflict resolution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Internet and Technology Business Transactions

These are a few examples of the types of cases we have handled

Business Disputes

When an internet or technology company has a business dispute there is a distinct advantage to having counsel expertly familiar with the inner workings of how companies do business on the Internet.Lesser knowledge means time and money wasted. 


Copyright transactions pertining to the internet generally involve licensing the right to use content. We represent content producers, brands, influencers, artists, programmers, app and web developers regularly on copyright and other issues.


Properly securing trademark rights can be an important component of any internet company agreement. Usage rights, approvals, limitations and indemnification are just some of the issues importnt to these agreements.

Marketing and Advertising

Our attorneys have been closely involved with Internet marketing since it first came to exist. We regularly represent Affiliates, Affiliate Programs, Advertiser, Publishers and Networks across a myriad of legal issues and have handled countless disputes in this area including negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigation.

Business Partner agreements

Having an agreement in place between you, your partners and your employees is crucial to the smooth operation of your company. Having experienced counsel through the process of creating these agreements is helpful to make sure the agreements you need are in place and assist with the issues that should be addressed.

Privacy and Security

With the GDPR and California's CCPA (as amended by the CPRA), Privacy has never been a more important issue for Internet businesses. Evaluating and limiting exposure to enforcement actions is an important part of any risk management strategy. Only business counsel adaquately familiar with the latest privacy laws, regulations and practices can efficeintly prepare your company.

InternetLitigators thrives at the crossroads of Internet and business, placing our litigation practice among the most effective and efficeint in the industry. 

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